Find out the story behind it all The story behind www.rooms-thassos.eu began with love. Yes, you read it well. Love! Once you come to Thassos and when you meet people who keep coming back to Thassos every summer, for many years back, you may think: “Island as many others. Nice nature, nice beaches but what else? What is that about Thassos that makes them coming back always?” The answer is LOVE! When you look better you will see that they fell in love with its unexploited beauty, of its rich greenery, with its clean beaches, with its graphic little villages nestled among the olive and pine trees waiting to be revealed, and most important, with unaffected and genial people which exude generous feelings and restore the faith of any remaining dreamers in the authenticity of human relations. This is what will make you feel like you are home. But, we have seen and realized the beauties of Thassos a little bit later. First we fell in love with Greek beauty in the form of two exceptional men. And, as you can guess, now, our husbands. As two girls from different countries, married to local men we were experiencing many request from our friends and from friends of our friends to find them nice and affordable accommodation in our area. With many years working in tourism industry and every year growing the amount of the requests we decided to prepare for you a website on the professional base which will show you everything we can offer. So happened ROOMS-THASSOS was born!With the help and support of our lovely husbands, we will bring you a huge choice of accommodation with the best prices you can find.But our goal is not to finish with ''just'' reservation! We will be here during all your stay, ready to provide you with any help and service we are able to. Help on arrival, details of the house, maps, trips, car rental etc. And last but not least..... Our service is totally FREE for you! So do not hesitate and contact us at any time with the way you prefer: email, online chat, phone etc. We are here for you 24/7! | Just because WE LOVE THASSOS! Hana and Marija Rooms-Thassos team
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