Thassos The emerald treasure of the Aegean -Verdant green - Azure blue - Full of memories and promises - Unself-consciously picturesque - Surprisingly unexpected! Thassos is the northernmost island in the Aegean Sea, about 7-8 km off the coast of eastern Macedonia, not far from Keramoti. At its widest part, the island is 22 km from east to west and 26km long from north to south. Encircled by 100 km of coastline it is the best place for your exploring trips around. Mountains full of green pines and olive trees together with tyrquaise blue sea water make the best combination for your ideal holidays. Thassos has secret treasure for everybody. Are you searching for quiet, relaxing holidays? Or you maybe want to spend your vacation on the beach with party all day long? All this is not mutually exclusive. On Thassos you can find both! Quiet small beaches, or well known, famous beaches like Paradise beach, Saliara beach or Aliki, with a lot of people around. For the one of you who prefers exploring more than sunbathing, Thassos can offer many opportunities to travel around the island, to find antique places, churches, monasteries or just pure Thassos nature. The island of Thassos surely offers one of the very few remaining opportunities to enjoy nature in an unspoiled state. Thassos is an earthly paradise… A true delight… A moment of creation... An opportunity to escape from our concrete bound, habit-encased daily lives… Do not miss it!
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